Our CSA program is about connecting the community with the health of the land through local, organic produce. But we also want to take care of people in our community that may not have access to healthy food.

We donate monthly to Lunch on Me, a grass roots organization that redistributes organic produce and organic meals to people who would otherwise not have access to food. The program also creates job opportunities and community to build a better future. Visit their site at lunchonme.org.

We have partnered with Veggie Rescue, an amazing non profit organization, to really get extra produce where it belongs: into our food banks, our local homeless shelters and beyond. Veggie Rescue has delivered hudreds of thousands of pounds of produce to hungry people in Santa Barbara County.

When the farm has excess food we also frequent the Santa Barbara Food Bank to make sure they are stocked up. One in four people need food assistance in Santa Barbara County, and the Food Bank serves those in need. They offer nutrition programs, food education, and disaster preparedness programs.

Becoming a part of our CSA not only ensures that you have the best of seasonal eating, it also contributes directly back to the community that you live in. Feel free to contact us with any outreach opportunities.

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